Renaissance Program

Ambassador Christian Academy students are offered the opportunity to participate in the ACA Renaissance Program. Renaissance is a nationwide program that rewards students for academic excellence, good attendance, and appropriate behavior. This program partners with the community and families to recognize students for their hard work and accomplishments. The mission of ACA’s Renaissance Program supports our school’s mission of promoting well-rounded growth by fostering a culture of leadership through excellence, celebrating student achievement, improving accountability, increasing school spirit and morale, and encouraging service to others.

Special Education

Hello, Families, and welcome to the ACA website! We are so glad you’re here to take a look at the amazing things that are going on at our school. Here at ACA, we offer so many resources for your child to grow academically, socially and spiritually! We take pride in the fact that we have the perfect pairing of rigorous academic curriculum with a solid Biblical foundation along with opportunities for your student to participate in a wealth of fine arts and athletic activities that make for a well-rounded child. As the Special Education coordinator, I am thrilled to say we are also one of the few Christian schools that offer resource center classes in language arts and math for grades K-8. These programs are geared toward students who may or may not already have an IEP and have demonstrated a need to learn at their academic performance level not their social grade level. The best part? All learning is individualized and focuses on the specific academic needs of each student in the program while still maintaining our adherence to rigorous and vibrant Christ-centered curriculum. Students walk through an initial assessment to determine their performance grade level in math and ELA. Based on the results, an individualized academic plan is created for the student that focuses on skills and content strands in need of growth as well as providing opportunities to expand on their areas of strength. In the Resource room, we use a variety of curricula and incorporate a wide range of teaching and learning styles that cater to each student. Our resource center classroom also addresses the sensory needs of our learners in an environment that is outfitted just for them! Thanks so much for stopping by the website, but I encourage you to schedule an appointment to see firsthand what it looks like in such an enthusiastic, exciting learning environment! We look forward to seeing you soon!


ACA’s elementary program serves students in kindergarten through grade four. Our teachers use thorough instructional practices and resources to provide our students with a Biblically based foundation of learning. Public schools do not have the freedom to incorporate God and Christianity into all subjects across the board. At ACA, all subject areas are Biblically-integrated with a Christian view of God and the world. We provide a more personalized education because of the smaller classroom sizes. Our teachers and classroom aides can get to know their students on a deeper level and give support to any students who are struggling in a specific area. Our goal during these influential years is for our students to become excellent thinkers, readers, and writers who have mastered the core academic skills and content in all subject areas.

Highlights of our ACA elementary department:

  • We value hands-on learning and use teaching techniques that support the whole child.
  • In the early elementary years, we use the Abeka phonics-based program approach to provide a firm foundation for reading.
  • First-Fourth grade students have access to their own chrome books for class assignments and activities.
  • Students have weekly specials classes in music, physical education, art, and S.T.E.A.M.
  • Students participate in our weekly Chapel where they praise and worship the Lord and listen to various special speakers and Pastors.
  • Students are engaged during daily Bible lessons that further their spiritual growth by following the example of Jesus to “grow in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52.

Middle School

Our mission is to partner with families to challenge and nurture their children while promoting well-rounded individual growth.

Spiritual: Because each child is a unique creation of God, we connect to students as individuals with different learning styles, gifts, and abilities. We create an environment in which God’s truth permeates all subjects and in which Scripture is clearly taught. Students have Bible classes three times per week and a chapel service once per week.

Emotional: We provide an environment in which students feel safe and respected in order to thrive. We support students’ emotional growth through weekly check-ins with teachers, small-group sessions, and a school counselor. Instead of simply punishing unacceptable behavior, we focus on helping students grow in making wise choices.

Social: Since God has designed people to be in relationships with each other, we provide opportunities for students to learn, serve, worship, and converse together. Daily breaks, weekly elective classes, and extracurricular activities facilitate peer connections across grade levels. Classes are capped at sixteen students, which fosters community. The whole middle school participates in field trips or service projects about once a month.

Physical: When children are physically active, they are better able to regulate their emotions, connect socially, and focus. We have two active break times each day, and students move every forty minutes as they go from class to class. All students have P.E. classes twice a week.

Academic: Learning is a process during which teachers come alongside students to help them learn. We value questions, recognize mistakes as an important part of the learning process, and develop students’ intellects and perseverance through short and long-term assignments. Our resource program is available for math and ELA. We prepare students for the secondary-education program of their choice by holding them to high standards and giving them the instruction and support necessary to meet those standards.