Ivy Whipple, 2nd Grade

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My name is Ivy Whipple. I have been married to my husband Philip for almost 12 years. We do not have any children, but we do have a cat named Reba! She got her name from my love of country music. It is not uncommon for me to be seen in cowgirl boots!
My educational background includes a BA in Biblical Literature/Psychology, a Master’s in Education, a K – 12 Bible certification from ACSI and a School Counselor Certification from ACSI.  I have taught at ACA for fourteen years and taught preschool  for approximately 15 years before coming to ACA.
My desire for my students is that they will grow physically, spiritually, socially, and intellectually (Luke 2:52) while in my classroom. I feel blessed that God has called me to this ministry and do not take my responsibility lightly. I am looking forward to what God has planned for ACA!Image[/cs_content_seo]