Carey Walden, Middle School History & Bible

I hold degrees in Humanities and Education from Fairleigh Dickinson University. ​

I began studying education because I saw it as a direct way to impact our next generation for the better. As a Christian schoolteacher, an added bonus is sharing the love of Jesus with my students in the good times as well as the hard times. ​

If we have been blessed, how can we use our time, talents, and resources to bless others? A major focus in my classroom this year will be helping students to become engaged, informed citizens of the world, aware of the gift of life they hold, and that they can all choose how they will make history. ​

I have a big, diverse, and hilarious family including my mom, dad, three sisters, one brother, and nine nieces and nephews. My favorite hobby in the world is producing theater and acting. I also enjoy travel, hiking, skating, baking, sketching, and reading in my little bit of spare time. ​