Millie Geier, Kindergarten

Educational Background: I worked my way through five years of school by nannying full-time with a family of 3 amazing children. I received my Associates degree at RCGC for Elementary Education. I finished my last 3 years of school at Rowan University and earned two Bachelors degrees in Elementary Education and Liberal Studies: English and Writing Arts. 

Why I Teach: I teach because people are fearfully and wonderfully made by God - and that means they are important. They have important things to say, experience, feel, and learn. My job is to love kids for 7 hours of the day, to remind them who they are in Christ and how to glorify God by living out that identity through actions, words, and faith.  My Vision: I hold my students and their families to high expectations when it comes to their behavior and academics. In Kindergarten we focus on verbal skills, personal organization and responsibility, and community responsibility. All that to say -  through consistent schedules, expectations,  songs, hands-on experiences, teamwork activities and so much more my goal for the year is to help your child grow in confidence, respect, and responsibility.

Hobbies and Interest: I have amazing, God loving, patient parents. I am the oldest of 3 daughters. My twin, Rachael, lives in NY and designs wigs for Broadway shows. My youngest sister, Charlotte, is currently living in Macedonia working with the Peace Corps.

In my free time I like listening to music, gardening, spending time with friends and family, taking naps, watching movies, and drinking too much coffee.