Wayne McDonald, Private Music Instructor


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I am married to Laura McDonald, the music teacher at ACA. We have one daughter, Sierra. I’ve been a minister for over 20 years and I’m part of the Pastoral staff at the church we attend in Millville. I have been playing on the worship team there for almost two decades. Laura and I are founders of a non-profit ministry, Voice to the Nations Worldwide Evangelism, for which I traveled as a full time Evangelist for several years. During that time I led worship in many churches. We run the ministry on a part time basis now. We also founded Play Like the Pros School of Music in 2002. I travel to client’s homes and teach many different instruments. I also tune pianos. My other interests are spending time with my family, writing books, riding ATV’s, nutrition and weightlifting. I am a certified fitness trainer and love teaching people how to take care of the body God gave them.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry from the Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary in Ridgely, Maryland. I am also a graduate of the Gary Whetstone School of Biblical Studies and the School of Ministerial Training in New Caste, Delaware.

I teach because I want to transform lives!

The vision I have for my students is to not only teach them to play, but to impart to them how to worship God from their heart. I also have a vision to get enough musicians together to create a school band that could play together for chapel meetings and/ or other special events.